White Spider Part 2

The Waters Are Rising

Setting things up

So our Vampiric ner-do wells have made a choice, and that choice is all long teeth, blood and fucking over the Camarilla. As inevitably as the sun rising, anarachy has taken hold and the lure of Ken Shi Shek and his mates is too much for Vampires who just wanna have fun

So we left them enjoying the Blood Fest, where they brought the unfortunate Wayne and his trophy girlfriend Chantel to join the proceedings, somewhat non-plusing their host but not, apparently, causing any lasting harm. They need to elect a priest and a pack leader, something it would seem needs further discussion

They also need to walk very carefully with Marak. So far as the Camarilla are concerned the Brotherhood of the Wolf is the Sheriff’s pack in London, not a bunch of moon-worshiping loonies and if she survives to find out the team are in deep trouble.

There is the small matter of the £2m of property they so neatly destroyed, and the payment they owe Tanner and Tanner – information is worth so much more than money, and thanks to a nice little ghoul called Roger who, when he’s not being ritually humiliated, knows a great deal about Marak’s setup. And, thanks to the Brotherhood’s resident computer nerd, they also have a fairly clear handle on the LOLZ happy group Anonymous.

So all they need to do now is take their blood/belief serum, go up to that temple and see what the Equal are really up to and decide how to proceed. Then hack the hackers. Perhaps a little light genocide on the Camarilla. Kill off any random Anti-Diluvians who may or may not be asleep in London and then party to the end of time. Easy really.



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