Lord Loki

Bobba Fett, Can-You-Do-This? I-See. How-about-this?


Disciplines –
Dominate, Presence, Potence, Animalism, Protean, Celerity

Nature – Judge
Demeanor – Lord
Concept – Somewhere between Antonio Vanderez in 13th Warrior and Tony the Swiss Car salesman in Harry Enfield

* Weapon* Diff Damage Range Rate Clip Conceal
H&K Shotbarrel Machinegun, folding stock 8 9 25ft 1 1 Medium
Desert Egale 7 7 30ft 1 7 Easy
MP5 7 4 40ft 21 30 Medium
Shotgun 8 20 3 12 Hard
Dragon’s Breath Cartridges 4 agg
Brotherhood Sword 7 5(ag) 5ft 1 N/A Medium

Loki is one of the best looking people you’ll ever meet. If there was any justice in the world he’d be a complete arse, but Kine and Kindred alike tend to walk away from an interview with him with a headache and a new found crush. He’s smart, generous and wonderful; of course it does help he has ridiculous levels of presence and the skills to back it up

Found in the White Tower in the heart of the City by his brothers, and revived by their blood he took part in the actions sounding the Risen Church and The Restoration of Marak. Hated by the Fallen Princes, the members of the Cult of the Heart who he helped slaughter, various Sabbat, the whole of Clan Malkavia and (assuming there are any left) Clan Tremer he has his enemies.

He was originally liege Lord of The Twin Towers under William The Conqueror, hence the epithelial “Child of the Bastard” his embrace coincided with the death of King William, and his withdrawal from daylight society. Suffering, as his two brothers do, from extreme amnesia covering most of the period 1089-1200 and then assumed to be in Torpor until he was revived he has little idea why his brothers were brought back by clan Tremer, or what happened to them prior to that.

Loki operates two regular feeding grounds that are respected as his Domain in all but name – specifically The Fading Rose in Sloane Street and The Torture Garden in Soho. M’s Bar in White-chapel, which is strictly a Toreador haunt, has an open door and warm glass of something ready for him at all times as a mark of respect

Lord Loki

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