Alice Penchard

Child of the Bastard, Brotherhood of the Wolf


Demeanour – Miss Marple
Concept – Silent Witness meets The L Word
Sired by Robert and…er…well…probably best not ask

Disciplines include Auspex, Vicissitude, Animalism, Fortitude, Celerity and Obfuscate
Contacts with The Met and the Forensics Science Service

A pistol
Small Jar of Soil
Mobile pre-pay SIM + clean phone
Mobile Lab kit
Key for her 2006 Mondeo
H&K Machine Pistol
£3,000k in cash


Alice is 28, left school with A-Levels and went to work for the Directorate of Forensic Services (SDC 4) at 18, starting as a lab assistant and working her way up. In the last three years she’s had a near meteoric rise, and appears to not have put a foot wrong work-wise, achieving Band B status fast.

Her home life was more complex, estranged from her family after she came out at 19, she remained in contact with her twin sister until very recently. Perhaps because of, or in spite of, this, she has managed to have one or two serious relationships her real dedication in life was her work

Her embrace was…unorthodox, so probably best not to read her aura too closely

Alice Penchard

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