White Spider Part 2

One of Our Ghouls is Missing

To Sabbat or not to Sabbat

Our glorious heroes found themselves “in excretum profundus” once more – as two more of Robert’s Ghoul’s showed up with stakes in their chests having been apparently heavily tortured by a group called The Equals. Cut a lot of faff short and the party went off to meet their friendly local Sabbat representative who had just staked, and possibly sired, the two former ghouls. Ken-Shi-Shek, for it is he, asked if they’d like a spot of Gehenna preventing deity worship. The party faffed some more and, in-between a chat with some Settietes*, a visit to Wormwood Scrubs, executing Skavik at Elysium, they explored an abandoned Tremer chancery under the Royal Exchange. Despite clear signs the placed had been left in a hurry following some serious looking industrial accident of the occult kind the party reckons this would be an awesome place to use as a permanent base…as ever what could possibly go wrong. Marak may or may not be trying to kill them, Skavik’s sire is likely to want revenge for the killing of his child, Red Ken may or may not be offering them infinite power, The Equal appear to be immune to some Vampire disciplines and their leader, The Starving Man, remains at large and the loud humming noise emanating from that old abandon church in Camden is probably nothing. Probably.

*Also the Settietes might be a little upset that their talking head-on-a-stick is now refusing to prophecy anything until it receives blood imbued with Grand Reserve Cognac. VSOP muther fuckers



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