New Player Notes

So if you’re new to Vampire, then I strongly reocmmend a little background reading – there’s a good link here – its about 2 A4 pages long and will give you a brief, well thought out summary. Have a shufti then read on.

In terms of stuff to be aware of have a read of House Rules and bear in mind that there elements of horror and adult themes – most of the time it’s pretty light but I totally aim to make people feel uncomfortable several times a session

Basically you can do anything you want, any time you want. It might seem ridiculous or impossible to do, but if you want to try it, you can. Always. that’s the joy of table top. We don’t need props. It doesn’t mean it’ll work of course but that’s your look out :)

New PCs always start human, and I’ll do an embrace scene with you prior to the game if at all possible (at least for this chronicle) You can choose any Camarilla clan to have relations with, some Sabbat clans by agreement but may not come from either the Fallen or The Unknown. [And no bloody Malkavians ever-GM]. They can come from any walk of Kine life, although I’ll offer some suggestions, they’re not binding. It helps if you have an idea of what you’d like to play so a few basic questions I tend to ask are stuff like

  • What gender is the character
  • How old were they when they were embraced?
  • Is the character white/black/something else?
  • Are they gay/straight/bi/something else?
  • Do they have family?
  • Where did they live before the embrace?
  • What did they do for a living and why?
  • How educated are they?
  • Do they have interests outside of work?
  • Are they married/single/swinging/celebate?
  • Do they have any specific fears or vices?
  • Do they have any distinctive “good” elements (bearing in mind in London simply giving to charity would be unusual)
  • Do they have money or resources? Clearly I won’t let you play Alan Sugar but I’m quite happy for your human (Kine) character to have been pretty wealthy or equally have nothing at all

Hope that helps get the creative juices flowing

As of Dec-12 I have a few holes in the party that might be neatly filled by people willing to play any of the following

  1. Street gang member
  2. Venture capitalist
  3. Web / Software deisnger
  4. Loan Shark
  5. Gunsmith (although I think Claire wants to play this, I’m happy to have more than 1)
  6. Architect / Engineer

New Player Notes

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