House Rules

So I’ll summaries this section as follows – Please try not to break Rule 7 but at the same time this world is whatever you want it to be. You can do, or at least try to do, anything at all pretty much at anytime. The freedom and flexibility of table top is that we don’t have to act it out, provide props etc, we just come up with an idea and give it a bash. Sometimes that’ll work, sometimes it’ll be next to impossible, but you can try anything. Of course what happens afterwards is kinda the fun part.

Breeches of Rule 7 include

  1. Fucking over your party
  2. Being a dick to people / bullying people
  3. Banging on about a decision I’ve made (see below)
  4. Racism / sexism in the room (in the game world I’m totally cool with)

The House Rules of the game a pretty straight forward – what the GM says supersedes what the book says, whatever the GM may have ruled in the past and indeed your interpretation of what happened last time

This isn’t supposed to sound aggressive, but actually to make sure that everyone has fun. We have very experienced players and total novices playing, and normally a pretty big group so that means moving along quickly is important – if you really feel hard done by let’s take it off line after the game or during a break so that we don’t wind up descending down a rabbit hole.

Other than that there are various clans who I don’t allow to play, specifically Tremer or other magic using clan branches – this is both an in-game thing and an out of game thing. The magic rules in VtM stink IMNSHO. I have also taken out the Malkavians as a PC option. They’re supposed to be nuts and thus impossible to play properly – I’ve done it and it ended badly, never again.

Magic does happen in the world – it is hard to control, the rules are unclear and you probably won’t be able to master it. It won’t suddenly kill you (you’ll always have a chance to avoid death) but it may dick with you. That’s the way it goes

Death – Death happens to PCs and NPCs alike, and your chances of long term survival are low. Don’t panic if it happens to your character – the world is big and complex enough to be sure that we can fix you up with a new PC. It hurts and it sucks but unless there is a real risk of death, the game isn’t worth playing

Running Away – Do this often

Inter-Party Stuff – Play nice y’all.

House Rules

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