Clans - Overview

London is huge, and as a result contains a very large number of vampires, who go largely unnoticed by the world of days. Clans form three fairly distinct groups in London, as well as “The Fallen” – clans who have disappeared entirely, and those who simply don’t exist in London (or who are yet to be encountered)

The Camarilla, or those who obey the Masquerade, unquestionably constitute the largest portion of the vampire community. They have coalesced under a single regent, known as a Prince, called Marak, but this has not always been the case, more of which later

Camarilla clans include
- Brujah
- Ventrue
- Gangrel
- Lasombra Antitribu
- Nosferatu
- Toreador
- The Daughters of Cacophony

The Sabbat exist in London; these clans are smaller and do not follow the Masquerade but rather follow the Code of Milan which does not require them to keep a viel fo secrets up between them and the Kine world. Nonetheless they are constantly under pressure from the Camarilla, who hunt them down and destroy them wherever they can. Sabbat operations have twice been severely disrupted by The Bastard’s Children

- Lasmobra
- Tzimisce
- Blood Brothers
- True Brujah

The Anarchs – Mainly unaligned clan members, Caitiff (those of very weak blood), and other odds and sods. Any vampire can become an Anarch in London but it is unwise to state it publicly. Ignored rather than hunted, these Vampires find themselves in the unenviable position of having no support at all from either the Camarilla or Sabbat, and if they accidentally get in the way of either side’s plans unlife can become very short, and very brutish, very fast. Some, however, notably the fine establishment of Tanner & Tanner, walk this fine line because they are both incredibly powerful, well connected and able to trade between rival sects, clans or even families.

- The Followers of Set – There are Settiet temples within the environs of London, especially on active lay-lines but they have a tendency to be far too difficult to find until you least want to find one

The Fallen
- Assamites – When the Camarilla discovered the Tremer had gone, the half dozen Assamites in the city were declared subject to a Blood Hunt simultaneously by the then Princes. They were killed in a single night, their domains burnt to the ground and the earth salted. Assamites are not welcome by any clan in London

- Malkavians – after plotting to provoke the Gehenna the Malkavians have largely disappeared from the streets. Most are thought to have fled or in deep torpor
- Tremer – After raising the original Brotherhood of the Wolf from the grave, and attempting to control them they have apparently vanished. Repeated, if slightly lack lustre, enquires from the Guild House in Vienna have been met with a combination of procrastination and silence from any who know. Curiously London continues to stand largely intact, suggesting the Tremer may also know more than they’re letting on. Rumour has it that the Fallen Princes may know what happened but since no one can find them either its hard to know

Unknown / Un-Encountered
- Giovanni – None have been found in London. None are welcome
- Ravanos – No dogs, no Irish, no Gypsies
- Gargoyles
- Harbinger Skulls
- Kiasyd
- Salubri
- Samedi
- Anda

Clans - Overview

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