The Fallen Prince of the City - The Traitor's Triumvirate


William, former head of Clan Ventrue in England and Wales, he ruled the City of London and the City of London South as Prince from 1839 – 2009. As part of the Triumvirate he came to control much of the financial development of the City through the boom and bust periods of the last hundred and fity years. He used his money to hold the Triumvirate together, and negotiated the Treaty of London between Teef and Arthur

In modern nights, since the Rise of Marak William has found himself declared an Enemy of the City. As with both Arthur and Teef his once loyal clans have melted away from him, and he is assumed to have either fled the city, walked into the dawn or to have gone into torpor to avoid Marak’s wrath

Being most closely linked to the Tremer, and especially to their primogen Elohim, once would assume the Viennese Guild House would be most keen to find him but their enquires appear to be somewhat half-hearted, either because they already know what he knows or because they don’t suspect him of having had a hand in things



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