Lord Mott, Child of the Bastard, Brotherhood of the Wolf


Nature – Judge
Demanor – Lord
Concept – 13th Warrior meets Boston Legal

Disciplines include Auspex, Obfuscate, Presence, Celerity and Fortitude

* Weapon* Diff Damage Range Rate Clip Conceal
H&K Shotbarrel Machinegun, folding stock 8 9 25ft 1 1 Medium
Desert Egale 7 7 30ft 1 7 Easy
MP5 7 4 40ft 21 30 Medium
Shotgun 8 20 3 12 Hard
Dragon’s Breath Cartridges 4 agg
Brotherhood Sword 7 5(ag) 5ft 1 N/A Medium

Lord Mott woke up five years ago on a Tremer operating table deep in the now demolished Chancery House in Whitechapel, London. His memories before this are somewhat unclear but he knows that he was embraced in 1089 along with Lord Loki and Tolkqui – but since his 2nd coming he’s been causing merry hell for the Tremer, The Malkavians, the Fallen Princes, various Venture primogen, and of course the Sabbat. Which would explain why recently places he used to sleep have been catching fire with monotonous regularity.

On the plus side he has a favour to pull in from Angel, the current Primogen of clan Ventrue, which is good.


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