Lord Ikea, Brother of the Wolf, Childe of the Bastard


Tolqui was embraced, along with his fellow brothers, in about 1086. Few of his memories of these times, or the subsequent ages that followed survive but references to Lord Robert, the name he used amongst the Kine crop up from time to time down the years until petering out eventually (when has never been looked at)

Robert went missing in 2010, but not before having ghouled and embraced a score of childer across the city from a diverse set of walks of life. He claimed repeatedly to be “onto something big” and talked out gods before the “last age” but vanished without giving much of a clue

Certain members of the Brotherhood claim to be able to make contact with him from time to time in some kind of astral form, suggesting that if he hasn’t met his final death yet, he is at least operating incorporeally now.



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