The Starving Man

All Shall Be Equal


Very little is known about the Starving Man, except his cultists keep popping up all over London, despite the death of his right hand man, Blind Marcus, three years ago during the terrible nights that wracked the city. Whether he is Kine or Kindred, what he does or why is a mystery, but wherever his name appears, there is death


The Cult of Equality, or the Equalisers appeared in London five or six years ago, claiming, along with many others, ancient knowledge that could save the city. They briefly stormed and took over the Tower of London, and during extended rioting began to maim all those with exceptional features. Anyone who could run quickly was hobbled with an electric drill or by having cars reversed over thier knees, anyone who could make things skilfully had their fingers broken or cut off, anyone who had a degree was lobotomised without aesthetic. They have since receded into the background, but still exist within London and rumour suggests their numbers are growing. The Starving Man appears to be the leader of the Equalisers

The Starving Man

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