The Lore Master

He doesn't get out much


Clan – Nosferatu
Age – >1,000
Gen – ?
Known disciplines – Obfuscate, Dominate, Potence, Animalism


With a face that looks more like an Angel fish than anything that might once have been human, The Lore Master lives in a dark, dank chamber, deep under the city surrounded by hundreds of thousands of books. He was first encountered by the Brotherhood when they sough knowledge of the Risen Temple in London and has remained a friend and ally since

The Lore Master is brilliant at all things occult or secret, provided they’re not too recent, say since the death of Emperor Hadrian. Still labouring under the illusion that the Iceni may rise up again anytime soon unless someone does something, the Lore Master is nonetheless roughly abreast of Kindred politics, if not their motivations which he cares little for

He commands a fairly extensive network of animals in the sewers and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the dark places, temples, ruins, abandoned stations and other places to hide and watch the world go by, not to mention rituals, deities, ancient languages, and weird happenings.

In recent nights he’s had a spot of trouble with some Sabbat who tried to kill him; fortunately the Brotherhood saved him, but why he was being targeted is not clear

The Lore Master

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