Former ruler of all of London South (below the River)


Teef is known to be of Nigerian extraction, and rumor has it he was originally a slave brought to England in the early 1800s, but whether this is true and exactly how old he is unclear, never mind how he was embraced, or by whom. Whatever his age he had the unwavering support of the Brujha in London, and tacit support from at least two other clans, allowing him to carve out a huge domain, larger than either William or Arthur, if poorer in resources. He held this from the early 1900s through until almost present nights, before losing control with the return of Marak. His involvement in her initial disappearance and subsequent exile is unclear, but there is no love lost between them now, and Marak has ordered Teef to be executed on sight.

Perhaps more worryingly for Teef, he is also implicated by association in the dissaperance of clan Tremere, something their senior leadership is most interested in discussing with Teef at length. Involving holy water, stakes and some old manuals left over from the buring times. This makes him desperate and volatile, as well as potentially valuable to anyone stupid or brave enough to try and catch him


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