Tanner & Tanner

Lawyers who will bleed you dry. Literally.


Tanner and Tanner are the Kindred world’s only surviving legal firm. Able to do things that the Camarilla either can’t do, or doesn’t want to be seen to be doing, and useful enough to the Sabbat to be left alone they have carved out a unique niche form themselves in London. They are unaligned and aggressively impartial and inscrutable. They will take a contract from anyone playing a sufficient retainer, or providing interesting work and will do so with absolute confidence.

In past nights, during the reign of the Triumvirate Tanner & Tanner acted as a broker between the Princes, and made a lot of reputation on the back of their work. They have resources that appear to be without limit to achieve the goals of their clients

In recent nights, however, they appear to have been taking instruction from Marak regarding the Brotherhood, and have recently present an Invoice for services rendered that simply asks for a “favour” to be redeemed when required which puts The Brotherhood firmly in their debt for as long as T&T see fit


Tanner & Tanner

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