Marcus Devlin

Marcus learned how to kill people with his little finger when he was alive, now he's dead he uses his claws too


Demeanour – Indiana Jones
Concept – Sean Connery in the Rock (so far as anyone knows he’s not that into gang rape either)

Marcus’ disciplines include Auspex, Fortitude, Celerity, Protean, Potence
He has extensive contacts in the military, as well as some in the Kine underworld, and in the Academic world

Subaru Pro-Drive Legacy

* Weapon* Diff Damage Range Rate Clip Conceal
50 Cal Sniper’s Rifle 8 9 1000 1 1 N/A
22 Hunting Pistol 7 3 10 3 6 Easy
Pistol 6 35 2 6 Easy
Shotgun 8 20 3 12 Hard
Dragon’s Breath Cartridges 4 agg

Marcus was, until very recently, enjoying the fruits of years of hard slog through various military operations. He first joined in 1988 aged just 16 and saw service in Northern Ireland, before joining the 21st Regiment, Special Air Service in 1991 and was deployed to the Gulf. Wounded and honourably discharged in ‘93 he and a fellow officer set up Dark Star free lance military operations business. He worked for a few years with Shell, in Nigeria in 1997 he was asked to clear local tribes off land to allow Shell to drill for oil. Exercising his moral prerogative, he armed the rebels, stole Shell’s money and skipped the country. In payment for his services Shell gave him a generous pension and a golden handshake. He has devoted his subsequent time to light bondage and the classics

Has pretty much all the paperwork he needs to car weapons of any size, and even import and export them, owns a brown Subaru legacy pro-drive which is parked somewhere in London (if he can remember) – owns a bachelor pad off the Brompton Road just down from Harrods.

Marcus Devlin

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