Prince of London, She Who Is Risen


Nosferatu Primogen
Disappeared and was trapped by unknown forces in 1839
Saved in 2009 by the Brotherhood of the Wolf
Her sword, Shield and Sceptre are linked to something called “The Heart of Albion” which has since vanished


Marak was once the undisputed Regent of London, but disappeared, and was replaced in a suspiciously blood-free agreement known as the Treaty of London between Arthur,Teef and William in 1839

She was saved by having her spirit restored to her body during the disruptions of 2009, and was immediately hailed as the Restored Regent, and granted the official title of She Who Is Risen. Curiously taciturn on exactly what happened she has expressed her thanks to the Brotherhood by not having them wiped out for several flagrant breeches of the Masquerade

She knows that he reign is tenuous at the moment, and ideally she’d like to mount the still speaking heads of Teef, Arthur and William on some nice rust spikes along the battlements of the Tower or perhaps have them meet the sun during an Elysium.

She has no idea what happened to the Tremer, nor why the Guild House hasn’t flattened the city yet but frankly has other, bigger, more immediate problems than the Tremer once again descending into anus gazing. Specifically the delights of trying to get the various Camarilla clans to work as one entity again, the rise of a series of cults in London who seem to prize vampire blood for their ceremonies despite apparently having no idea Vampires exist, some nut job called The Starving Man who’s causing panic in the Kine authorities, an idiot Toreador called Savik, Childe of the Toreador Marcus D’Viceroy, who decided to sell his services to a television channel who needs to be dealt with without alienating the whole of Clan Toreador, how to control Tanner and Tanner and their apparently benign intercessions in city life, Nosferatu Clan politics which suggest a creature called The Lore Master is still alive in the sewers somewhere and kicking up a fuss after a millennia of silence, The Sabbat who seem to be getting more and more aggressive and powerful. Oh, and the end of the world being prophesied by pretty much every reliable seer in the city.

Basically she needs a good drink


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