Felicity Maximus

Academic, Romantic, Loner, Vampire


Felicity is a master of languages and academics, but packs a hell of a punch too

Demeanour is Bon Vivant – she’s somewhere between Sylvia Plath and Katie Taylor (Boxer)

Her disciplines include Auspex, Celerity, Presence, Dominate, Fortitude and Protean

She has contacts throughout the Universities of the UK, and access to a significant personal fortune if her father was to die

* Weapon* Diff Damage Range Rate Clip Conceal
Pistol 6 35 2 6 Easy
Shotgun 8 20 3 12 Hard
Dragon’s Breath Cartridges 4 agg

Felicity was a British Library Researcher, working with some of the oldest texts known to man, from early papyri to stone tablets to the unreadable language of Ogham. Close to her elderly father but otherwise quite alone. Her father was always somewhat vague about where the family money came from but to be honest Felicity has never been that bothered. Her passion was working in the British Library’s rare books section as a researcher. Her accomplishments are extensive having been the first person to translate a number first century texts from the South America and the Middle East, as well as working on the Codex Syatica, one of the earliest complete copies of the Bible.

She was embraced in the middle of researching some texts that appeared to be far older than any she had ever handled before, potentially older than was though possible

Felicity Maximus

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