The Fallen Prince of the City - The Traitor's Triumvirate


Arthur ruled London West and North from 1839-2009 controlling the City of London and specifically the wharves and trading houses that sprang up. His domain was critical to the proper running of London, covering most of the rail connections to the rest of the country, a large part of the bars and brothels, clubs and night spots for fashionable Toreador London.

Originally a Brujah Primogen he rose to power in the remarkably smooth transition between Marak’s disappearance and the establishment of the Triumvirate who took London Below. Now declared an Enemy of the City by Marak he is subject to a “kill on sight order” and is either in hiding or dead already

As with Teef, Arthur probably knows a great deal more about the disappearance of the Tremer than most people in London, and as a result the Guild House in Vienna is keen to discuss the matter with him – in this life or the next.

Arthur was supported by the Brujah, Nosferatu, Lasmobra AT, Gangrel and Tremer at various times during his reign



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